Milaya Moya Siberian Cats
"From Russia with Love"
Breeder: Sondra J. Ragon

TICA Registered Siberians (Milaya Moya Siberian Cats)

History: A glamorous native cat from the taiga of Siberia. They have existed for over a 1,000 years.  First imported to the United States in 1990. 

Size:  Typical weights: females 8-17 lbs and males 11-20lbs.

Life Span: 11-15 years

Personality: Their hearts are warm, comforting and they love and enjoy people. They are very affectionate and will follow you from room to room like a dog.  When you come home from work they will meet and greet you at the door. They will also alert you to someone arriving at your door. They are very active, playful,and clever but not needy. They love to fetch and will play with intriguing items (including your jewelry) they love glitter. They enjoy water and like splashing in the sink and bath. Don't be surprised it they join you while bathing. They are very athletic and seek out high places (cat towers are highly recommended). They also like to run on a tread mill.  

Intelligence: Highly intelligent!  They can be taught to sit, roll over and fetch. Interactive cat toys are a good way to give them a brain workout and keep them out of mischief.

Children and Pets: They have a bold temperament and nothing much ruffles their composure. Excellent choice for children and happy to live with other cats and cat-friendly dogs.

Care: Siberians have thick coats and require brushing weekly especially in the spring and fall. Keep the litter box clean they are very particular about bathroom hygiene and you will not have any potty problems.

Color: My color points come in several colors; seal, blue and silver.  My siberians can be solid points or lynx points with and without white. I also have the very RARE all white Siberian, with royal blue eyes.   All my cats are blue eyed.

Allergry Levels: My cats and kittens have very low levels of Fel D1  which is the cat protein that causes the allergic reaction in humans.

Maturity: Siberians reach maturity at about five years of age.